Thursday, 15 September 2011

Bullying Still a Huge Problem

A grade 12 student at a Hamilton high school has recently committed suicide because he was tormented by his peers at school.  A as a person and a future teach this truly diturbs me.  I was bullied through out my grade school and high school years and know the pain it can cause.  Even though not always overt, being ostracized and left out in a group of your peers and cause great blows to the reflection a person sees when they look in the mirror.  I learned to let it roll over my shoulder but she have to be that way.  Teachers and administration need to step in when they encounter these situations and DO something about it, not pretend that  its just kids being kids.  When myself and my mother brought the bullying in my school to their attention, it didn't change much, instead it gave the bully another reason to throow darts my way.

I want to challenge all teachers, administration, support staff, and anyone working or living with children to discuss bullying with them and the effects it can have on people.  I also challenge you to make a difference in a students life who may be going through a tough time because of bullying and be there for them.  The worst thing for theses students is to feel liek they have no where to turn.  Don't allow bullying in your classrooms and make sure you yourself dont become a bully.  Some of you may think that it wont happen, but it does and it shouldn't.  Let's not let another student take a life because of the bullying in what is supposed to be a safe and nurturing environment.

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