Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Taking a Technology in Education Course

Althroughout my school life teachers have beenteachnign my science the same old way.  Ether on the overhead projector, the chalkboard, or if I was so lucky a powerpoitn slideshow i was taught scientific information lecture style.  This is the reason I am taking this class,  I want to be able to introduce my students to scientific information without them realizing it.  I believe it is much more fun to learn by doing and interacting with the information than i is to memorize from a lecture.  I believe all types of technology have a place int he classroom, and will be increasingly more important as our students become experts on diferent devices.  Saying this, tyou wouldnt expect that I ambasically a technology newbie. 

I am excited to be inhis class becuase it will allow me to become familiar with the current social networking devices people are using these days.  I didn'think twitter, blogs and other such devices would ever be interesting to me because my life isnt that exciting.  I have now realized that using these devices will give me an opportnity to correpsond with teachers from around the world and how they are engaging their students.  I attended the Queen's Conference on Education in 2009 and was told "if your not stealing, your not teachign effectively".  I am excited to learn what other people are doing and implement them in myown classroom.

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