Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Learning to make a google site

Today was less stressful than I thought it would be.  Learning how to use the remotes for the entertainment centre used to be a challenge, today I created a website.  This is leaps and bounds from where I ever thought I would be in my ability to use technology, especially professionally.  I am looking forward to modifiying it and making it more advanced as i progress through my tech. education course. I may even make another site for my upcoming wedding.

I am most excited because this is something I can actually see myself using in my own classroom, or during placements.  This would be an effective way for me to relay information to students and parents.  It will eliminate the exuse that they didn't know about something.  The only fear I have in this is that if I am in a school with vvarying socio-economic statuses, all students may not have access to a computer.  None the less, there are computers at school, and the information that would be placed on the site would also be available to them in class.  I wonder if parents would appreciate the extra information?

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