Friday, 30 September 2011

Surviving the 1st Day of Placement

I can honestly say that I had an awesome day today.  The staff and students at the school are very welcoming making the transition from student to teacher much more enjoyable.  The grade 9 class I observed 1st period was a lively bunch for 8am, but enjoyable  They remained relatively engaged throughout the lesson as well as when they were given time to work on an assignment.  Both grade 11 classes I observed were much of the same, although they are a chatty bunch. The students seem interested to learn, making the task of teaching them myself seem muh less daunting.

Over the course of this placement I hope to gain knowledge in classroom management strategies and work on keeping the students engaged with the material.  To do this I will try my best to make the content relevant to their lives as much as possible.  I will also use this palcement to get into teh routine of comleting lesson plans and keeping my daybook up to date, to ensure that I remain organized.   I am lookign forward to upcoming weeks and starting my unit plan.

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