Saturday, 1 October 2011

alternative to power point

I have come across yet another technology that can be used in the classroom.  I am surprised by how easy it is to find new resources and how frequently it keeps happening.  I went to ask my roommate a question and she showed me her prezi presentation she was working on for another class.  I was very interested in how it worked and figured I would check it out.

Prezi is an online presentation maker that can be viewed online or off.  You must sign up, but it only takes a few seconds.  With the free version you have 100MB of memory to create presentations in.  Once you sign up ther is a tutorial that explains the stes of creating a prezi presentation, although the software is very easy to use.  I was able to pic it up very quickly.  Check out the quick presentation I was able to make it just a few minutes (  This is a technology I can see using in a classroom, especially when working on brainstorming activities or concept maps.  personally I think powerpoint is more versatile in what can be done, but prezi is interesting and I am willing to give it a shot.

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